Is a text-based video-work setting side-by-side the tyrants Caligula, Pol Pot, and Putin. We hear the three tyrants discuss their ideology and their strategy, and we hear the voices of their victims. A video of a young man reading. It is a voice in the darkness.

What is a war?

I mean, do we have the mental capacity to understand what a war really is? Everything collapses. The infrastructure, schools, food-distribution, electricity, water supply, communications. Everything that you take for granted. You feel very vulnerable when all this disintegrates and disappears before your own eyes. You feel very alone. And then the bombs fall. Without any logic, without any understandable system. They just fall and explode with a terrifying sound. They destroy the housing block next to yours but not yours. Not today. They destroy your sister’s school. Fires everywhere. Toxic smoke of burning chemicals. You see dead bodies in the street. You see the young mother and her son killed by rocket debris and you see their suitcase. They wanted to flee. She wanted to save her little son from the war. You see these dramatic human destinies everywhere. You read dramatic novels written on every bombed house, in every desperate face, you hear breathtaking stories in every cry for help, in every scream in utter desperation. Then you see the enemy soldiers. Strange. They look like you, they look like your friends, your father, your brother, your uncle Igor. But they are dressed like soldiers, and they are enemies, they are brainwashed to hate you, and they are trained to kill you and your sister and all your friends. They don’t necessarily know why they should kill you, but that is not a useful thought right now. You must run, you must hide, you must wait for silence perhaps, for darkness. In a cold humid basement. In an over-crowded subway. The smell of urine, the smell of sweat, the smell of fear and the smell of death. Crying infants. A shivering old lady is just repeating the word “no”. Perhaps she is in shock, perhaps she just saw her daughter die, or perhaps she just wants to say “no”, and perhaps this word: “no” is the only relevant word in this situation.”

Current exhibition – Project sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Culture.