White was the color of the kitchen table
White as purity
White as free of sin
Mother’s embrace warm
Suffocating with anxiety
Sickening strangling love or fear of letting go
Constant nervousness hysteria
The shrill voice penetrating walls hurting ears
Staring eyes searching for abnormalities
Fingers playing the piano like a machine gun
Father’s anger or constantly contained rage
The rage of an unsuccessful life
The rage of self-hate
Worn out hands playing cards like untamed war crimes
Exploding like a volcano
By the stupidity of the wife
No embrace no warmth no love
Perhaps better
Violence is easier to handle as unilateral love
The girl traumatized silent avoiding trying to hide
Eating disorder or vomiting in the bathroom
Self-destructiveness or cutting up her arms with a knife
The boy resists cries hits back
But what power has a child
Overpowered by the parents
Overpowered by sticky love and volcano rage
He brought his anger and fear outside in the streets
But it didn’t help trashing a bus stop a shop window a car
The war was raging inside
The boy and the girl together
Red was the kitchen table when they left
When they left with no future