Presenting the collaborative works of W&A

In this art book conceptual artist Rolf Alme and visual artist Barbara Wilson present works from their artistic collaboration. The projects presented in the book range from experimental performance work to classical paintings, from large-scale installations to intimate rituals, from artistic laboratories to public exhibitions.

The artistic concept of W&A is both to confront and to merge the two artists’ different experiences. It is an exiting journey in an open field somewhere between visual art and theatre. By collaborating the artists themselves are exploring and analyzing their own different experiences and aesthetic positions.

W&A also express something one could call a European artistic position as Barbara Wilson and Rolf Alme’s biographies contain experiences from East, West, North and Central Europe. The creative friction between different European cultures and political traditions is often a theme in their works.

Their works are constantly shifting our perspectives of life offering the viewer new positions and new questions. Provoking statements destabilize our understanding of social or moral contexts. Sometimes their artworks seem to be influenced by the political theatre and sometimes by pure conceptual art.

W&A is an exciting artistic experiment where two very different artists have defined the friction between their artistic differences as a creative source.